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Android phone problem

My Samsung A5 2017 did a software update yesterday. Now when I try and use Navigation it fails.

The program loads initially but then closes itself and then reloads and then closes etc. Very frustrating. I have tried restarting the phone and reinstalling navigation but no luck. It still will not work

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My Samsung Note 8 did a software update yesterday too. Now the app stops immediately after beginning navigation.  I sometimes gives the error message "Navigation has stopped", and sometimes it just closes.  Now I've got an error message that says "Navigation keeps stopping".

Sometimes after re-starting, it tries to resume navigation and again closes immediately.  Other times, it opens to the start-up screen. 


Here's the reply I got after I opened a ticket:

The latest update, released yesterday, unfortunately had an issue that could cause this problem on a few devices. A new update which solves this issue was made available earlier today (1.2.3), so we recommend checking the Play Store for updates. Apologies for any inconvience caused.

Kind regards,
Developer MyRoute-app