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Dedicated map for tracking

If we are viewing our tracks or routes, WE are able to select a map (OpenStreetMap, Michelin, Google maps, Opencyclemap) - if we are Gold Member.

That's good!

But if we are tracking our trip, there is no map selection possible. In case of walking, we are using often small roads, which are not included in standard map. So, we can see our track line on "blanc" screen but without any Information, where we are. IT looks like we are "offroad".

That's really Not good!

If we willl BE able to select per example Opencyclemap during tracking, we would like to see the small road on screen, where we in fact are walking.

Please enable the map selector also in tracking modus.

Kind regards

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Dear Guzzist,

Thank you for this suggestion. You make a very interesting point, I will communicate this to our developers. However, keep in mind that we prioritize suggestion on demand and the time it takes to implement them.

Kind regards,


Customer Support