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Make better use of Tracklogs

I had a chat with Michel the other day, about how tracklogs can't be used to anything today. you can use it as a layer on the map the next time you plan a route, but there is no way you can download it, export it or use it as it is! 

I use alot of tracklogs on my garmin when i plan a route... Most of the gps units today can display track on map, even if you navigate a different route. Comes in handy when you travel a little on and of road. All the offroad guys use basecamp becouse of this. Is it possible for you guys to build some usefull options for the tracklogs? The option to share, export and download tracklogs? 

Cheers from Norway 

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Everytime i'm opening a tracklog it shows default map as maplayer. Is it possible to make a option to set as standard like when you planing routes? 

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Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your suggestions. I will communicate them with our developer, he will have a look at the possibilities.

Kind regards,


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