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Waypoint, route info, comments etc pane

The pane containing waypoints, etc on the side of the screen has suddenly, and in the middle of a route planning, expanded. ie. each heading is now displayed in full and thus there is little space to show anything in any one heading. I have attached a screen picture, with the area I am referring to, outlined in red. I cannot seem to "collapse" it back to where just the titles of each category are shown and you have to click on that to expand. Anyone have any suggestions on how to return it to the way it was?



(1.28 MB)
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Dear Rod,

The issue should be resolved now since I replied to your ticket too. 

However, this might be interesting information for other users too. If this problem occurs, the window is most likely zoomed in. To resolve it please press the magnifying glass in the right hand the corner or refresh the page.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support