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Connection between other platform/apps


I'm using MRA every weekend / every second weekend to plan the routes for friday / saturday and sunday.

I must say, that this app suits perfectly for me. Only one module is missing - export to Excel / Google Sheets / (other app?) as itinerary - with the name of waypoint, gps coordinates and time of arrival, etc.

As I know, there are some services also to provide those connection between apps (Microsoft Flow, Zapier, Integromat,...)

Best regards

J. Procházka

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Dear Jiri,

Thank you for the suggestion. This would indeed be a useful feature. I will therefore, discuss it with our developer, he will look further into this. 

Please however, keep in mind that we recieve multiple suggestions a day. Because of that, it may take a while before your suggestion is implemented.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support