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Limit to number of routes?

Is there a limit to the number of routes I can save to my account?

I'm sure some of my older routes have disappeared, maybe there's a time limit?


Dear Eammon,

There is indeed a limit to the number of routes you can save to your account. However, this number is immense. The chance that you have reached the limit is therefore minimal. We do not delete routes from your account, ever. This does not happen when you reach the limit either. Your routes have to be on you account, perhaps they are hidden in a folder.

Kind regads,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support

Koen, many thanks for your advice.

I think I've now found my missing routes in Garmin Basecamp, 

I looked up pictures I'd taken while on the routes I was looking for (I needed to prove to myself that I wasn't dreaming!) and found the pictures were dated before I opened my MyRoute account. 

For me it was a question worth asking however as I tend to make several copies of my routes when I get new ideas, so thanks again for the answer.

Best regards,