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Save modified route under a new name.....

Currently if I start playing around with an existing route every change is saved automatically.

Problem is that I loose the original route.

The correct way its not to save any changes until is requested and the option to save under a different name is available.

This is a standard way of managing files of any sort. Can you please look into it.

At this moment I have to make sure I "save as" the route before i make any changes and having to upload again under a different name. 

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Dear Chris,

Thank you for your suggestion. 

Currently save all routes automatically, which is not necessarily unusual, there are more programmes which use this way of saving. However, we have implemented an undo button with which you can go back to your original route. You can find the undo button in the bottom-right corner.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support