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Unable to create 'new route'

Hi.   I've been trying to create 'new routes' since joining late in 2018 and only been successful a couple of times.   Most of the time I cannot create so I've created a 'ticket' to the help desk.  Early in March they said the problem resolevd so they close it!  I check and still cannot create a route.    My friend hasn't been able to create a route for over 6 months and very disappointed at the lack of support - they say we'll get back to you and it seems they've got no idea how to fix it!    I've asked for my Gold membership money to be refunded but no answer - there's a surprise.   THis system could be good if they could get it working.   Wouldn't recommend MyRoute App to anyone.


Dear Mick,

It is unfortunate to hear dat you are dissapointed in the service MyRoute-app offered you. However, I see that you have recieved an answer with correct information to all your tickets, you have not answered to them.

We would still like to help you with your problem, therefore, I would like you to try to use another browser. Please send me the results of this change.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

I have just purchased the software on 22/04/2019.

When I click on new route the drop down window appears partially on screen.

It will not let me Edit the route name etc.

The screen image is lightly blued over and the program appears to be frozen

Help please or refund my payment I made by PayPal

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