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Waypoints Lists, Saving........

Not a happy user.

The more I use MyRoute the more disappointed  I get with the lack of basic functionality.

Just to mention a couple.

1. Annoyed with the automatic saving of any route changes.

2. Unable to print a list of the waypoints with distance and timings in a simple text format.

I was hoping that MyRoute will become my only route planner but I am still heavily dependent on my previous programs such as RouteConverter and ITN Converter.

Have I wasted my money?

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I've just spent a couple of days transferring several days' worth of touring routes from a friends vast catalogue. I wanted to add my own Waypoints so that these would pinpoint scenic stops, favoured cafes, gas stations etc. Sadly, it looks like I've wasted a lot of time because having now exported the routes to my TTR450 as itn files, none of my Waypoints show on the maps when I open them on TTR.  I had also changed the flag colours to indicate the various Waypoints so that I could identify them early on the side of the screen. 

Am I perhaps doing or not doing something which is causing this?


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