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Map error in Manghen Pass Route (Italy) - N 46.175308 , E 11.439173

If I try to calculate a route through the Manghen Pass, it is as if a section of road, for a few kilometers before and after the pass, was closed, according to MyRoute-app. That section of road is correctly drawn in the map, but does not appear to be viable.

If I put a crossing point on the section of road that appears closed (for a few km before and after the pass), the program gives an error and doesn't calculate the route.
If instead I put the start and finish outside the closed section of road, without intermediate points, the program calculates the route making a long detour to avoid the section considered closed (
In fact, the road is regularly viable in both directions.

Initially I thought it was an OpenStreetMap error, but on their site everything seems normal and the path between those two points is correctly calculated through the Manghen Pass (
So, I guess the problem is in MyRoute-app.

Best regards.

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