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Mobile app setting

Is it possible to add an option to the settings that if you continue riding after a pause, recording starts automatically if wanted? Today I forgot to press pause off after a coffee break and it would be great to auto-continue when I start moving for example at the speed of over 10km/h?

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That's strange, I make a ticket.

No. The problem still exists. I would like to become a gold member, but not until this problem is fixed :-( 


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The problem for the iPhone 4s is still not resolved Michel. I really want to become a gold lifetime member, but I'm not going to buy a new phone. Please repair this problem.

The developer takes a look at this issue, but he is very busy.

We have an test iPhone 4S and we can not reproduce this problem.

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My iphone has the latest software 9.2.1

Thanks, Joris takes a look.

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