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Tagging Friends

Just in case your out with a few friends and they forgot to start the tracking off, (I'm not mentioning names), 

It might be nice to tag someone on the route that has just been completed?

I am sorry, I think my English is not good enough, can you explain it a little bit further.

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Hmmph.. my English is pretty good and I don't understand either.   

Are you looking for a function... so that you can see where your friends are on the map?.. similar to WAZE?

Nope Tim, sorry chaps, easy steps,

I have just completed a track and there was 8 of us out.

instead of all of everyone tracking and using up the database, or them forgetting to track the route,

1 person does the tracking, and once it's completed can then link/tag their MyRoute-app friends that was also on the same route at the same time.

That way where it says "Track completed by Steve O'Neill" it could also include those friends.

Hope that helps

ooh example, you take a picture on Facebook and tag the friends that was with you at the time.

more like tagging friends on photos on Facebook 

So 8 people go on the same route at the same time, only 1 tracks and then can tag their MyRoute friends that was on the same route.

This would save 8 different tracks being created for that one ride out also it could say on the completed by X number of people and list their names

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Okay, that's a nice function.

I don't know if it it is east to make it, but it is on our ToDo list now.

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