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Filter for activities/public depending on the country where activity took place.

As the usage of this app grows, it will soon be difficult to navigate through the different public routes posted here.  So in order to reduce the overhead... an additional filter should be added to allow selection of a country and may even a certain area within that country to help reduce the possibilities.

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Just what I was thinking of suggesting, or an extension to the search facility country or place names.
The program looks great so far, good job!!  ;o)


I was going to make the same suggestion.

Saved me making it ;-)

This is in the planning.

If you look at 'Routes in the neighborhood' you see only the routes within 100km on your current location.

And maby later we can filter more.

Looking for the same feature - Where do I find 'Routes in the neighborhood' 

Does "in  my neighbourhood" work if using on a macbook ? I haven't found it does. Could it be possible to drag a square/rectangle on google maps for the area you want to search ?


'Routes in the neightborhood' is in de app for smartphone and ios (Google Play & App Store).

For PC, laptops, notebooks and McBook you use the webapplication (

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