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Reorder Waypoints

Is there a way to change the order of way points? If not, it would be a useful feature.

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On the PC no problem, on the tablet it is a interface problem, we try to fix it, don't know for sure if this is possible on a tablet.

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This is somewhat related to the idea "Route optimization from current position", which is basically a reordering of the way points... optimized for your current position.



In the list on the left hand side, just click and hold, and drag the waypoint in the list to the position that you want it and then release.


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I am trying to do this on a tab, so I can't click and hold.

On the PC no problem, on the tablet it is a interface problem, we try to fix it, don't know for sure if this is possible on a tablet.

I'm having a problem with reordering waypoints on my Macbook, in that when I add another waypoint it appears at the bottom of the list and yes I can drag and drop it farther up the list, but it then bumps another waypoint to the bottom.

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I am having the same problem using it on a Windows PC. 
This is usually when I add a favorite like Home... to an existing route.  Regardless of where the current cursor is... it enters the waypoint at the bottom of the list and when I try to drag the point to the top of the list... it actually does not make it all the way and I have to go back and find it... but in the process of trying to move it... several other waypoints get moved too... and the route becomes a mess.  As there is no "Undo" function... "HINT HINT" I usually end up making any changes with Tyre and uploading again.  I have Tyre running under Win 7 (Parallels) on my iMac.


Hello there, thanks for your input. We have fixed the sorting issue.

We are now looking for a good way to add an "undo" function to the editor!

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I confirmed that one can now move waypoints without everything getting screwed up on the PC... Thanks for the quick fix!



I do download a lot of routes however i want to reorder in an optimised way.  Lets start from the following.

I have a route with 60 points, however my home is much closer to point 30 than to the starting point.  Is there a way you say start at point 30 and set it as start and put all others correct instead of the current method, drag and drop 29 points in the correct order (with all mistakes that can happen :-)).

Yes, it is possible.

Click here to make it a startpoint:

thanks, next time I should pay more attention or RTFM :-)

Thanks for your kind and quick reply.  I love that I can now use your great software cross-platform.  I'm an old Tyre user (and I'm still using it it to upload and convert my old itn routes).

Keep up the good work

You can upload and convert the routes in MyRoute-app too.

As a new Gold member not sure if this has already been covered, apologies if so. I opened an existing route, using Windows Edge as a browser, added a waypoint and then tried to drag it to another part of the route and couldn't. I came out of the windows web based app and tried again but the same issue. 

I've tried opening now in Chrome and can happily drag the waypoint to the required place.

Is this a known issue or shall i look again at my PC setup?

Many thanks