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Share public tracks with friends

I want to be able to share my tracks with friends that not yet have an account or just don't want to sign up for an account on

Right now when I open an url to a track marked as public I just end up on the login page.

Sharing tracks this way makes it possible to record a track and then let friends look at it to prepare for a trip together at a later point.

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It is a closed platform now.

Later on we make 'social share' possible, but not the track, only an image of the track.

If we make a url link, and the track viewer public, it is more easy to hack the system, so we must be very very careful with this.

Perhaps more people have an opinion on this case!

I'd really like to be able to do this too!!! Shouldn't be too difficult to link to a public facing path and pass it a hashed track id and profile id, and forward them to a google map with the exported GPX from that route?


We working on a share function outside the application.

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I think the ability to share an on going route will be pretty cool. I might be in another country and people not using the app could follow the journey.

Strava do something similar

Yes, it is a great option.

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I just started to use MyRoute in parallel to Tyre.  Being able to share a link to friends was a major plus, or a least I thought it was...  Sharing an image is not really they way it should be.  Any news on this development?  It must be possible to farm out the route to Google maps or something?  Peter

No, you need to log-in in MyRoute-app to use the shared route, but what's the problem, it is free.

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The problem is that my friends shouldn't have to log in to view a public track that I've shared with them.

Either you create a route viewer that is totally separated from your map editor if you can't properly secure your editor. Or you could integrate some kind of export to Google MyMaps or other services where public maps acually are viewable by the public without registering.

But preferably you would not force people to register to view shared public routes.

To make the sharing feature of public routes usable for the public you can't put it behind a wall. Even if it's free to go through that wall, it's still a wall that shouldn't be there.

The whole idea of sharing is that it should be easy to both share and recieve content. You make it hard to recieve the content I want to share with my friends that don't want to register for a service they aren't going to use. They just want to view the content I cerated on your service.

You should be able to create a route viewer that shouldn't have any issues with security since it's only displaying map points. If your software is incapable of this, I think you should put some effort to make it possible since the share feature is only usable wihtin the community right now.

Public routes should be public, not semi-public behind a "registration-wall", that by definition is not a public route.

Sorry, but we will not make that.

The content remains in the protected area.

If you want share it outside you can save the file on your harddisc and share wherever you want.

Change the name from "public" to "registered users" :-)

The app is FREE - why don't people want to sign up ?

public or registered users is not the problem:-) it is the need to register and I understand why people might not want to do that.  The logic is why should "I" register to see something "you" want to show me?  Anyway I tried to provide this feedback and it was not appreciated and not even published...  Peter

It baffles me as well Nick. 

So when are you going to make it possible to share an image of a route with people who are not registered? You promised this in your first answer to this thread 2 years ago. Currently it's only possible to share part of a route if you create a pdf.