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Transferring Itineraries to TomTom Rider 4

I have tried to do this without success.  I have followed the instructions and MyRoute-App says that they have been transferred but when I look in the Itineraries on the TomTom they are not there.  Is it me or the App?  (I have since successfully transferred them using Tyre)

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Hello Keith, we don't have a TomTom Rider 2 test unit, we will ask the Tyre developer.

Sorry - I should have said TomTom Rider 2


Hello Keith, we don't have a TomTom Rider 2 test unit, we will ask the Tyre developer.

Hi guys, I've a Tomtom Rider 400 and I have the same problem than Keith. Programm says route is transferred on the device but nothing on the device. Did you find the solution ? Thanks in advance


The connector is not ready for the new TomTom Rider4 40/400.

It is not easy because we need to connect with TomTom My Drive and we need information from TomTom.

But we working on it.

So this would explain why the connector can't find my TomTom?

Yes, for sure!

Hi, reading this topic has not pleased me at all I also have a TomTom 40 and I have just paid to be a gold member and it doesn't sound that this application is any good for my device, Is this correct?

The new TomTom Rider 40/400 works with MyDrive, for this connection we need information from TomTom, hope we get the right information soon.

A refund is no problem, go to support and create a support ticket.

Any update on this please, I am still unable to report to my Rider 40/400.  The option to connect to it is there in connector but it still says it is unable to find or write to it.

The connector is working for the new TomTom Riders.

Don't forget to click on 'import routes' in the TomTom.

Fantastic Michel, all works ok.  Thank you.

Fine it works now for you too!

Hi Michel. I've tried to export a small route to my rider 400. I've enabled the `import` route` on my rider 400 but the connecter is asking me to enable the `import routes` ? which i have already done any idea what is wrong



Hi Michel

I've sussed it .. When you connect the rider 400 to the computer, the unit asks if you want to import routes. Click `import routes` but don`t click `done` until you have imported the route, otherwise you cant import any routes.