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Make Forums available with multi languages

Wouldn't it be possible to have a dropdown field in the "My Account" language section to see more than one language in the bulletin board?

When I entered them the first time, I wondered why there are so few posts - and all in german ;-) And I accidentally changed the language setting in the "Edit profile" - that was more visible to me. With no effect.

Then I found the "My Account" section and after altering that to "english" I finally sam more posts. As I come near from Heerlen I can read nederlands as well and even spanish is no problem for me as my mother is spanish. So I would like to choose on my own what languages I want to see in the forums, rather than someone else deciding that for me. And worst. If I post something in the german section that was already solved or discussed in the netherland or english part - you - the supporter - would need to do the translation. Better to spend that time to mature the system.

And even if I do not understand a word - modern browsers offer to translate that for me - with the known results, yes - but sure better than nothing eh ;-)

And by the way - why are there two Profile sections - I know that there are more than one system involved, but what about SAML, OAuth, OpenID, ... any SSO service to synchronize the User data?

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That's why this is a beta phase, we take a look at your wishes.


That's why this is a beta phase, we take a look at your wishes.

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