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Make it easier and faster to start a new route

Right now I have to go through a lot of steps before start recording the route.

1. Start app

2. Click Start button

3. Click the Plus sign in the top right

4. Click Start new track

5. Name the track

6. Click the activity symbol

7. Click Start  (track starts recordning after 10 sec).

This is waaaaaaay to many steps.

A suggestion is the following sequence.

1. Start app

2. Click Start

3. Click the activity symbol (track starts recordning after 10 sec).

Then after recording it will look like this.

1. Click Finish

2. Name the track

Then we will have all the steps needed to make a route.

I also want to move the Route/History list to it's own section on the start screen since they aren't needed under "Start". Sure, when you can start an old track and drive with directions from the phone I can see a point, but they feel malplaced as it is now.

And the reasoning to move the naming after recording is finished is that I don't always know where I'm going to go and then the track just gets a random name so I can start driving instead of wasting time.

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Steven, you can set the start interval in 'Settings'. 

Stefan: thanks for the suggestion.

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A more clear instructions page would be helpful on the website. I think it's important to:

State the purpose of the site and the app together

Give clear instructions on how to do a number of things

Make the interface easier for people to understand; it's challenging to understand now

For me, only 2 routes currently exist for my area, Sydney Australia. It's not very encouraging. I'm keen to get started, but need more understanding of this application. Thanks!

From what I can see in the Android app, nothing has happened regarding the cumbersome handling starting a route recording.

Have there been any progress at all in this area?

Since the app is centered around recording and viewing routes, this would be one of the more important areas to focus on, except for stability. User experience is everything. And right now I find myself using other apps instead of this, even if I think that this app have the potential to be much better than the other app I currently use. And it's all due to your UX.

I don't want to spend minutes tapping away on my device just to start recording my routes.

I want to launch the app, press record and be on my way. When I'm done recording you could ask for additional info and if I don't want to fill in anything else you save the track with a default name (default values could be in app settings).

No, we have a very big To Do list, and this not a priory, most people have no problems with the interface.

Hi Troy,

The improvement of instructions on our website is definitely on our to do list currently. My first aim this week is to get the English manual up to date for as much as possible. Can't give an exact date on when it'll be completed.

C. Orie

Customer Support

Good idea

I would also like to see a longer time before recording starts, so as to put the phone away, put gloves and get riding. This would be very useful when starting from home address without letting everyone know were you live.


Steven, you can set the start interval in 'Settings'. 

Stefan: thanks for the suggestion.