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Undo action


I was editing a route I had previously created with Tyre when, accidentally, I deleted the wrong waypoint. Then, to my surprise, I checked there is no undo button or function. And becaase of the "autosave" feature of the web that is very dangerous because it's very easy to destroy hours of planning work.

Thanks for taking this suggestion into consideration.


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Thanks for telling, we take a look on this issue.

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Any undo would be nice. I asked it to Avoid Highways and my route changed even where no freeway was being used. I couldn't undo and had to reload and start over...

Yes, we know, we working on a undo button, but it takes a little time.

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Ctrl-z does work


You sure, we think that Vtrl-z not works for undo the last action in MyRoute-app.

I checked and I am sorry to say that I was wrong.
Ctrl-z does not work.


Okay, thanks for testing, a 'undo' button is very important, but not so easy to make, but we work on it!

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Hope to see a undo button soon in your app. Thanks!

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Yes, workaround for now, copy the route.

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If you haven't seen the news  - Undo with CTRL Z now works :)

Good work people :)

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CTRL Y also works for Redo  ;-)

A button on the screen for these actions would be nice though


Control + Z Seems to work for adding waypoints etc, but I accidently clicked the 'optimize' button and now can't undo it!

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