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Mark waypoint as a destination

I would like to have the option of marking some of my waypoints as destionation.



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Yes, it is in the planning.

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I agree, and hopefully you can convince TomTom to reintroduce it on the Rider 400. One of the many functions they seem to have lost.

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Yes it is...

Any news on this feature?


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I am also curious.

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Christian, that is hardly helpful, we are fully aware that is isn't yet implemented or we wouldn't be asking. We would like an update on the status of the plans to implement it, as it is a year since Michel said "it is in the planning".

Could we have a more detailed and constructive reply this time please?

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My apologies PG, that might have been the most flat and effortless reply I've ever given. No excuses for that.
On the matter of marking a point as a destination.  I did actually discuss it last week with one of our developers who was reluctant on the feature. His argument was that adding a destination point into the route would have to be cosmetic only, since it will alter your exported route file. Of course users can just 'not use it', but it will happen that people can't get their file to work on their sat navigation and can't figure out that the destination point might be the issue. The reason as to why it wasn't added was that it could cause more harm than good for our general user base. Now i would love to hear your opinion on the matter. Of course we have arguments pro-implementation of it, but i want to improve the arguments in favor of this feature. So what is your opinion (other users feel free to join in as well) on this feature? Which benefits do you expect/ should we just do it the exact same way as our starting point system or do you have improvements?

All your feedback will be discussed in our team as always. Suggestions are the core of how we operate/develop MyRoute-app. Especially if your passionate about a subject just fire away at us :)

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support 

Being able to mark a WP as a destination would be very useful and probably unique to MyRoute-app, it would be a great USP (unique selling point). At the moment, if I need to know the distance to a certain WP,on my route like a fuel stop or viewpoint, I have to subtract the distance to the WP from the start of the route from the total distance to give me a remaining distance figure for that WP. I then write down all the calculations for my chosen WPs on a card for my tank bag. It's a system that works but I would very much like a simpler solution. 

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Being able to differentiate between a regular waypoint and a destination is a great feature of Tyre.

I really miss the option since I switched to the MyRoute-app.

The TomTom itinerary file supports different types of waypoints for a reason; My TomTom tells me when I have reached a destination but keeps quiet when I cross a regular waypoint.

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Thank you Varareco and Metallian!

Both your feedback is noted. Especially giving the distances between points is something i'm trying to get in as quickly as possible. I can't imagine it being difficult to code. Having to be able to subtract everything manually is not what we should be having our users doing. 

Feel free to give me more feedback if you guys got anything else! 

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I'm with Metallian. I would like the feature for the same reason. I may have an ultimate destination in mind for the end of day, but I've planned a stop in the morning somewhere I want to see, maybe a planned lunch break, and a stop in the afternoon at a scenic site or something. Tyre could do this and differentiate between a waypoint that just gets you on the road you want to route along, and a stop along the way--all in one itinerary file. My Tom Tom would then alert me to the intermediate stops but stay silent on the "get you on the right road" waypoints. Very nice function.

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For lunch or something like that we use the poi function.

A bit late for commenting but I can't see where the developer is going when he ways it would lead to a problem with route files.

The route points all stay the same in either GPX or ITN files. They are just tagged differentl to normal waypoints.

So it's one extra field in the waypoint data in MyRouteApp and a bit of extra work in the export functions for GPX and ITN. With the GUI changes it's not a two minute job but it certainly shouldn't be a problem.

It's worked OK in Tyre for years !!

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BEing able to set the duration you plan to stay at way point (Lunch Stop, Fuel Stop etc) would be good for planning

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