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Route view zooms out after reordering waypoints

Web application resets zoom level after reordering waypoints.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a route with a few waypoints

2. Zoom in to a waypoint somewhere in the middle so that not all the waypoints are visible

3. From the "Waypoints" list, select a waypoint that is currently off-screen. The view moves to that waypoint. Note that the zoom level stays the same, which is good.

4. Now try to reorder waypoints in the "Waypoints" list by dragging a waypoint.

What happens is that after reordering waypoints application do re-routing and resets the zoom level so that the whole root fits the screen.

Would be nice to have an option to keep the zoom level after re-routing.

When I want to re-order waypoints in my route, I zoom into the route to find a place to move a waypoint to. When I drag the waypoint to that place, the view zooms out. It gets annoying very quickly.

I would expect the zoom level to stay the same and the view positioned around the waypoint selected in the "Waypoints" list.

Same logic currently applies when you select some waypoint in the "Waypoints" list: view jumps to that waypoint but the zoom level stays the same.

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To make it more clear, I've made a screencast:

See how view zooms out after I reorder waypoints.

I make ticket for this issue.

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