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Print Waypoint List

I would like to be able to print the waypoint list so I have a backup in case my Satnav stops working.

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Yes, it is in the planning to make this option.


Yes, it is in the planning to make this option.

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Anything new concerning this plan??

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I have found a way to copy the waypoint list and then I paste it into a note or any program you can print.

If you open up the Waypoints then double click in the white area around where it says Waypoints then right click with your mouse you should get the option to copy, then paste it into a program you can then print.

Thanks Charles! Will come in handy :)

Christian Orie

Customer Support

If you have Tyre, you can save as a *.itn and print map and waypoint list from Tyre.  Would be nice to not have to go through another program.

What do you mean "Open up the waypoints"? How do you do that?

Hi Robert,

This was a feature which was available some time ago.

This no longer is the case.

The developers are aware of the fact that there is a demand for the improvement of the .PDF file. 

This includes adding the waypoints and the difference between them 

Unfortunately I cannot give you an estimated release date for this.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app

Hi Anthony,

Without the improved PDF feature (and a more refined way of sharing routes) the system is useless for Tour Operators.

The result is that I can't persuade any of them to move to MyRouteApp and with one of them I have to spend ages each tour entering their printed waypoints on MRA!!

I can't believe more people aren't concerned about having no backup for if their GPS fails.

Grrrr! :)

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I got here searching for the same solution.

I'd also like to print an itinerary in case of tech failure.

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