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Show distances in Miles (for UK users)

Please can we have an option to show distances in miles as well as kilometers

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Yes, we working on it.

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8 months on, How is the work going Michel?


Yes, it is.


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I am located in the USA and would also like the option to show distances in miles.

Hi Ron,

On the top right of your screen (when visiting our website), your name should be visible. Click on it and then click on "My account". Now on the page you're currently at you'll see a tab called: "Unit". Change the unit type from Metric to Miles and you should be getting distances shown in miles from here on out. 

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That worked perfectly.  Thank you.

Good to hear!

While this fixes what is displayed on screen unfortunately when exporting to pdf the directions are in km not miles. Can this be made to follow the setting in "My Account"

Hi Christopher,

I've just done some testing, however it did convert the metrics properly in my PDF file. Are you absolutely certain that you've applied the change through 'My account' ?

Yes, here is a screen grab showing the waypoints in miles and attached is the pdf in km


I've notified our technicians. We're going to take a look at what might be causing this bug.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer support

Thanks Christian

You're welcome, i'll give an update when our developers have fixed it!

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