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Colour Code Roads for Speed limits

Would be really great if I could see what the speed limits are on roads so when I plan a route I can avoid all those 30mph\50kph roads. You could colour code the roads for different speeds.

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Yes, that would be nice.

Don't kow if we can get this information, but we can give it a try.

If you can calculate times for a route you must have speed limit information - yes ?

But these are hard data, we can not use it separately.

Apis are available to pull this data (along with things like speed bumps) from OSM - EG -*[maxspeed=*][bbox=5.6283473,50.5348043,5.6285261,50.534884]

They are also available for Google and Here maps. I presume Tomtom provide the same. Would be a great feature to be able to avoid the slow roads

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