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Export Function

Another issue, at least for me. When I use the export function to send the route to my Garmin, the route straight-lines from waypoint to waypoint. It doesn't follow the roads. I have the same issue in the Tyre app using Garmin - send to Garmin. My workaround is to first save the route to my computer. Then, I plug the Garmin into my computer and directly move the file from my computer to the Garmin. Then the route follows the road from waypoint to waypoint. Anyone else observed this?

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Which Garmin do you have?

We have two Garmins...a Zumo 350 and Zumo 590.

We have a zumo 590 and a zumo 350 too, no problems with exporting the routes.

Be sure you have update the zumo's with Garmin express and deactivate alternative route on your devices, hope it works.

Michel, I have the same problem on a BMW navigator iv (660).  I've updated it, what do you mean by 'deactivate alternative route'?  If it's recalculation mode, that is set to off

Use for export to this BMW nav 'Garmin (old). Hope that one works for you.

I have the tomtom rider 400 same thing and it wont save trail i have driven.

I've seen the problem on my friends Zumo 660. I had exactly the same device and it was working great.

I think it was faulty device as it had problem to import the route.

Use for 'Old Garmins', like the 660 the 'Garmin old' export.

It  is working on our test devices.

I cannot export tracks (uploaded using the app for my iPhone) to my TT rider.

Error message:

Device could not be found or written to. Please confirm that the device is actually connected and working properly

The TT Rider is connected though. Unplugging and replugging TT rider does not help.



Which TomTom do you have?

And which platform and version do you use?

So, we can take a look.

Hi Michel,

I have a TomTom Rider 400 and use it with a MacBook (OS X 10.10.5).



That have to work, have click on 'import routes' on your TomTom?

When I attach my TomTom to my computer, I get screen telling me to use MyDrive Connect to manage my navigation system and maps. In the lower right corner, there is a button "Importeer Routes" (I set the language of my TomTom to Dutch). Pressing the button, I get a screen telling me that I can use the file manager (bestandsverkenner) of my computer to copy routes to my system. However, in the Mac OS X file manager (Finder), I do not see my TomTom as an attached device. And when I use the MyRoute-App connector to export a route to my TomTom (with the screen as described), it fails with the error message that I mentioned in my first post. 

Maybe the problem is due to the fact that MyDrive Connect is installed.

I'm sorry, but I invested quite some time getting this problem solved, but because I have no idea of the communication protocol(s), I don't know where to look.



Dear Eric, the "Import routes" button on the TT Rider needs to be pressed after the device is connected via USB. After you pressed the button, try exporting with the Connector. Please let me know if this helps.