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Find points of interest

I've used Garmon's Basecamp software in the past to create routes.  While the tool is not the easiest to use, one feature that I like is the ability to search an area for points of interest, like gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc.  Could this be added to the app?

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We have a million of POI's ready to implementate.

But we are working first on a good interface.

I've used Tyre in the past to plan routes as owner of a CNG (Erdgas) car.
Who use such type of fuel must plan their trips to avoid the risk of being out of gas.
In Tyre I've uploaded my list of POI (all european gas station)
Should it be possible to do so in MyRoute?


A POI interface is in the making.

With this interface you can use the POI's on our database and you can upload your own POI's.

I am planning routes across europe and the tank range for my bike is max 150 miles, so planning fuel stops for me is important. I have not been able to find any POIs yet. Is this function available yet?

No, a POI interface is in the making.

Hope ready end of januar.

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