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Created a route. Not showing in the Route lab.

Just created a route today near Cincinnati, OH USA. It is not showing yet in the Route lab. It is set to public.

In the Routelab you not see routes, only completed tracks with the app.

People can find your Profile > Timeline > Routes > Tracks with searching your name in the searchfield.

Just my opinion, but the Routes are what people take time to create and share. Tracks are just raw route data usually. I think people would be more interested in seeing Routes than Tracks in the Route Lab and in Activities.

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I don't think so.

You can always share your route with email or Facebook with the url link, like this:

For other people it is more interesting to search on completed tracks with moments (photo's/text), statics, and a lot more info in the feature.

In 1 minute you edit a track to a route you can export to your device or nav app, we think this is the feature.

While tracks are interesting, especially with the 'moment' feature, they are simply where someone went. 

A route on the other hand can be the considered result of multiple crossings of the area and as such be more worth sharing. 

The ability to search for routes by area would be useful, I would actually regard it as (one of) the main functions of a route sharing site. 

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Believe me, sharing tracks are the future :).

You make the route, ride the route, track the route, create moments, and our system filter the tracks and show it with moments in the libary and activity feed automaticily, other people rate the track and can take over the track and export it to a device in just a few seconds, that's the future, how easy you want to get it.

Routes you can find all over the Internet, but the most is trash.

If I am wrong, of course we shall change it.

Looking at how your vision could work......

Planning a trip in an area new to me I look at tracks in that area, 

find ones I like the look of,

take the best bits (as I choose),

assemble them into a route to ride.

So an editing enhancement to do this will be the ability to copy bits of tracks and and paste them into a new route.

Not easy to implement so I don't expect it to soon :)

An easier fix - rename the 'Route Library' tab as Track Library' to avoid confusion.

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Yes, that's good tip I think.

We will change the name.

Your app will not go on my phone !!!!
Nokia Lumia 820 !!!!!

Thanx Dave.


Is that a Windows Phone?

Our app is for iOS and android.

New to this program, So when i create a route, upload to my TTR 400, Ride the route, will it automatically save the tracks so i can come back later and connect to and it will find it?  Or do i have to do something and save the tracks?  Also how many miles will it save before it rewrites the tracks?  I have a 1800 miles 5 day trip this fall.

Sorry for all the questions, I have had a garmin gps for the last 8 years and TT is new to me.

It not save automaticly.

You need to select the 'tracking' option in the menu.

And no, it not synchronise the track to MyRoute-app.

You can upload the track if you want.

I uploaded the track in route lab, saved the name and i see the track, then i click on route lab to view tracks and mine is not there.  Help please...


Here I think?

I see it in my profile, but not on the route lab for all to see.