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'You need a wider screen' error message

my use of the web app is blocked by the message 'You need a wider screen to use MyRoute-app' small print then says I need a width of 800 pixels.

This is on a Sony Experia Z  (screen resolution 1080 x 1920) with the Chrome browser.

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The app is for smartphone and iPhone (Apple Store and Google Pay).

The webapplication ( is for PC's, laptops, notebooks, McBopoks and tblets (not for smartphones).

In that case the error message is wrong! 

The failure is not lack of pixels but that use on phone is blocked.

I agree that a bigger screen makes the web app easier to use but I would like to be able to make last minute route changes on the phone if nothing else is available.

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We make in the feature a mobile version of our webapplication.

But now is the technique not good enough.

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When will it be good enough?


Maby 2016.

I manage to make it work on Samsung Note3, with firefox and desktop mode. But the map screen is very small. But i can download the route to the phone and transfer the file with OTG to the Tomtom rider.

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Myrouteapp will not work on Vodafone smart ultra 6. Warning message your screen is not wide enough it needs to be 800 pixels across! Why am i getting this message?

The application or the website?

I love TYRE and have used it for years on my laptop. It transfers to my old garmin 550 fine, but patience has always been needed. I am dissappointed that the new app isnt working on my samsung galaxy s5. I get the 'need a wider screen' message. looks like its still in development. I will look forward to the day I can get it on my mobile. Thank you for such great route planning software so far.

Hi Teresa,

We're working hard on implementing a working mobile version of MyRoute-app. The real challenge lies in converting the route editor to a much smaller screen (smartphone), and making it work. It is a matter of taking our time and care to do it right, so hopefully our users can hang on just a little longer!

So in short: it's coming (soon-ish?) 

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Am I missing something...? because the app works just fine on my smartphone (iPhone 5s)! I used to get that same error but after removing the app and downloading it again the problem was solved.

I bought a Linx1010 tablet (with a dockable keyboard - essentially a convertable netbook)  for the express purpose of taking it on my Spanish Pyrennees trip to plan routes or modify pre-planned routes.  This is not a smartphone.  It has a  screen pixel width of 1280 x 800. I had hoped to be able to use the routes that I had uploaded to MyRoute app before departure but was suddenly confronted with the 'you need a wider screen...' error message.  Really fed up having spent money upgrading to MyRoute app Gold membership as well as buying a tablet to use it.  Fortunately I also have Tyre Professional as well as Basecamp - a Godsend when internet access is poor, so neither Tyre or MyRoute accessible.
Additionally, despite apparently having 'Gold' membership if I try to raise a ticket I get a message saying that 'only Gold members receive personal support' - so I resort to this forum.


Dear Louise Roberts,

I am going to help you out with that matter but first things first. As a Gold member you should always have access to our ticket system, and if this is not the case we have to get to the bottom of as to why, as soon as possible. Could you check something for me ? Could you open 'My account' (On the top right of the page click your name>then click 'my account'). On this page can you tell me what your status currently is (lower-right section of the page). If it currently says 'Basic' and you've completed the purchase of Gold then our administration will take care of it as soon as possible. If it does say Gold but you still cant access the tickets then it's a different story (still administration will get you the proper status quick). An as to your resolution on your tablet, normally i would ask for a screenshot which would help out a lot for a quick answer, but without a ticket that going to be difficult. So i would like to know: Which browser are you using on your tablet? I'd say in 9/10 cases the solution has to do with your browser being zoomed in. This is difficult to see, but check if it is the case and if so: zoom to 100% and the problem will be solved.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

I did reply to this by email and have subsequently sent follow up emails but as I am getting no response that way I guess I am supposed to post the reply here;

My status is 'lifetime member'.

But thanks for the suggestion on the zooming - you were right - problem solved thanks.

I would be grateful if you could address the problem on lack of access to the ticket system (altho' I am not currently in need of any help).