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It would be nice to print out a route

Its nice from time to time to have a hard copy of a route, just in case you have an issue with the navigation.   For example battery running out.

Also if you are leading a group ride its nice to share your route via paper or email in case one of the other riders in your group gets lost.

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Yes, we are working on a print function.

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any update?  I would also love to print and hand copies to my riding buddies.

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Hi Kevin,

We recently added a feature that allows you to save the directions for a route in a PDF file. Just open your route, click on "Save as" in the top-right corner of the display, and choose ".pdf".

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I tried that and got this... What else can i try?


Can you send the link off the route, so I can take a look.

Okay, no problem here.

Do you have a MAC or Windows, and what browser do you use.

I just downloaded a pdf viewer / reader

it works now.


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