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Expand app connectors, especialy CoPilot

I really like to use multiple navigation apps, searching for the best one but sometimes I am forced to do that because some developers changes things not always for the best... I now am satisfied with CoPilot but the developer didn't update the iTunes transfer protocol, so the app simply became useless to me and all the guys who used it to follow their route.... The best app for planning is already here, and it's getting better :) , please help us a little more ;)

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I would also like to be able to create routes for copilot :-)

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I've been using Copilot for years. I really like it. Other routeplanning tools like Tyre and ITNConverter support it. Would be nice to see this in MyRoute to.

Ciao, Bert

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Okay, we take a look at the possibilities.

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Any plans to enable export to trp files for CoPilot?

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Yeah, you can add me to the list as well for CoPilot. I liked Sygicbecause of it's offline map capabilities but it has left me stranded in the middle of a route numerous times, and it also didn't/doesn't allow you to skip a waypoint. Until Sygic fixes the defects others and myself have filled it's a non starter.  As for MyRoute, until a well feature and functionally solid navigation app for Android is available that is supported by MyRoute I'll continue with Tyre and my trusty Garmin Zumo.

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Still looking for Co-Pilot support from MyRouteApp

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Add me to the list looking for integration with CoPilot


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Hi John Chaves,

We're currently in our final stages for releasing our own MyRoute-app navigation as an alternative to Sygic. This allows us more flexibility as to adding the parts that Sygic might lack. Our current estimate is 5-6 weeks till release.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer support

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Any way to send to tom tom go for mobile ?

I have both Copilot and Tomtom go for android.

Tomtom mobile for Android now has winding routes for motorcycles. There live traffic is far superior than copilot. Also maps are available for whereever you may be in the world for free.

I have little desire to buy another navigation app for android.

Making the routes available to multiple navigation apps would make sense and entice users to purchase your app.

We orientate ourselves on Sygic and Navigon.

Perhaps our own in-app navigation later this year ...

Thank you, I know I can do it with sygic. I already have it, but it is not good as copilot, it is just more used. It is not bad, but copilot has much more personalization and better recalculation in some situation. I hope you will make it compatible with Copilot, I think it is not a major work, it should be easy (or at least I think so). There is a lot of people who's searching for a way to fix their broken tyre-to-CoPilot workflow.

Thank you :)

Hello John, thanks, but the TomTom app does not support the import off waypoints and have no offline maps.

That make it difficult to use it without Internet and you can not use it to navigate with you selfmade routes.

Sygic and Navigon do support import off waypoints and has offline maps.