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Make route editing more touch-friendly

In a desktop browser, to insert a new waypoint and alter the route, I can hover the mouse over the track, hold until a new waypoint marker appears (small red circle), and then click and drag the new waypoint where I need it to be. Works just fine.

On a tablet (at least on iPad, have not had a change to try it on an Android tablet) this works as well, but it feels awkward. I have to tap and hold precisely on the track, release the finger, see if new waypoint marker appeared, and if yes, I need to tap again and drag the new waypoint.

Problem is, even with my not-so-fat fingers, I miss very often when trying to tap on the track. I tap and hold, then release the finger, and nothing happens. I have to try again until I tap precisely on the track. Even with a stylus this can be difficult. And when I finally tap on the track and the new waypoint marker appears, it is difficult to drag it to position the waypoint precisely, the marker is completely hidden behind the finger.

Would it be possible to 

  1. Make the 1st tap less position-sensitive, so my chances of activating this "add new waypoint in the middle" functionality would increase
  2. Maybe make this new waypoint indicator (small red circle) bigger on a tablet, and change its shape, so it is easier to see if the new waypoint marker has appeared and it is easier to position it. When I drag normal waypoint marker on a tablet,  at least I can see part of it, and there is a cross displayed to indicate where the waypoint is precisely. It is partially hidden behind the finger as well, but not as bad as with this small red circle. 


I have make a support ticket off this item, the developer takes a look.

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