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Sticky POI marker

First of all, thanks for adding the "Search POIs" feature, this is very useful.

There is a small problem. Sometimes POI marker remains on the map after I uncheck checkbox from the POIs categories list.

Steps to reproduce:

1. In "Search POIs" select a POI category (check a checkbox). Let's assume that some POIs show up on the map.

2. Click on a POI marker. POI information panel will pop up.

3. Do not close the POI information panel, and uncheck POI category checkbox currently selected in the "Search POIs" list (checked in step 1). POI marker with its information panel is still visible. This is probably OK at this point.

4. Close the POI information panel. The POI marker is still visible on the map. I would expect it to go away -- the category is not selected in the "Search POIs", and I have not added this POI to my route.

I've also made a screencast to demonstrate the problem:

I am on Safari 9.0.3, MacOS 10.11.3

Yes, we know, we working on that bug.

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