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Split route for days

It would be nice to have method to split route for days or somehow mark/group some waypoints to trip days. I usually plan trips for several weeks and I like to calc daily kms.

Eg: of waypoint-list:

Group "Day 1"

Waypoint 1

Waypoint 2

Waypoint 3

Total km for group "Day 1"

Group "Day 2"

Waypoint 4

Waypoint 5

Waypoint 6

Total km for group "Day 2"


Total km for waypoints

Drag'n'drop should work between groups.

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We're going to make it, only not in the short term.

Personally, I first create a global route.

Then I determine the day trips.

Then I make the routes for each day.

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Maybe a split option.  So when you expand and it asks Number of way points 147 ex then it could ask how many days or separate routes.  so 147 / 3 making 3 separate routes.  We find that the 47 way point limitation in sygic is only reliable for around 200 miles or less.

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Splitting a file is on our to do list.

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+1 i used this in the past in MS autoroute, very useful !

Is this forgotten or do we still have hope for this functionality to come?

I just copy the route and delete the bits I don't want.

However, splitting would be easier. 

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My trips can easily take 20+ days so having 20+ different parts is worksome and requires lots of micromanagement. I would like to have easy method for moving waypoints from day1 to day2 by just drag'n'drop.

I see your point - that would be a complete pain.

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