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Rally Routing features

I have been participating in long distance motorcycle rallies and have found that the competing route planning tools have a distinct advantage over Tyre and now MyRoute.  Rallymasters supply waypoints for bonus locations in various formats including GPX, CSV, etc. Each bonus location is assigned a certain point value.

The competing route planning tool allows the rider to quickly rename each bonus location and more importantly assign a different icon and color to each bonus location based on its value.  For instance, bonus locations that are greater than 800 points are assigned a blue cube.  Bonuses of 400-799 points are a red square.  Bonuses 399 points or less are assigned a green circle.

Each class of bonus location is saved as a separate layer and displayed as an overlay on the planning map.  The user can then easily lay out a route that will allow the rider to gain the most points within the time constraints set by the Rallymaster.

Once the route is set, the route and the separate waypoint files are loaded to the GPS unit with the display characteristics still in place.

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