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using myroute

I am having great problems with a tomtom 40/400 in creating an itinerary and so after speaking with Michael via the internet I cam and used MyRoute-app. I made a route and then went to store it but then it went automatically to TRYE? and the route was then stored in Tyre? another question for MyRoute if I use it will the traffic on my tomtom still work with your app?

 Cheers, John

If you are Gold member you can export the route with USB.

If you are Basic user you need to save the file and export with MyDrive or Tyre.

If you have Tyre installed on your PC, all routes get a Tyre icon, but that's no problem.

The traffic on your TomTom works only with the TomTom app.

Thank you for the info Michael

No thanks!

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