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Export to .pdf file gives insufficient detail and size of map and route is not complete.

 I have used tyre for some years (in conjunction with other programs) to plan a route between desired waypoints when I travel overseas and print a map with the waypoints shown.  (The actual route is relatively unimportant to me as the route between desired destinations (waypoints) may vary depending on circumstances when the actual travel is undertaken).

I am trying to produce this output (ie a list of waypoints and there positions on a map.  I am trying to do this in MyRoute-app web interface (lifetime subscriber).  I find that the .pdf output gives a map bit it somewhat lacks detail compared to the on-screen maps and the route on the map is incorrect (truncated in some way).

Could I please get some advice on this?

Regards Jeff

I'm not quite sure whether or not you've already tried this (of it it's sufficient) but you could print the page as a whole. You can do this by right-clicking on a part of the page (white area) while viewing a route and clicking on print. The disadvantage is that you need to print multiple times if you have a large list of way points. It gets the job done however.

C. Orie

Customer Support

As an additional note, another customer made the following threat a couple of hours ago:

I have found a way to copy the waypoint list and then I paste it into a note or any program you can print.

If you open up the Waypoints then double click in the white area around where it says Waypoints then right click with your mouse you should get the option to copy, then paste it into a program you can then print.

This should help as well :)!

Mmmm.  Doesn't work so well.  Printing out the whole screen is possible but not very functional.  If one has more than say 10 waypoints one can only print out the first few by this method and then have to print following ones separately - once again not very functional.

Other issues with .pdf output include - the file name is truncated and the .pdf extension is missing.



I note that there has been no change to this functionality and all my points above still appear to be valid.  The inability to print out the route map in sufficient detail is in my opinion a severe limitation on the usefulness of the app.


Hey Jeffrey, 

Due to bigger updates recently this improvement fell behind progress wise.

But I am glad to inform you that we have made this one of our priorities now.

Expect a change in the printable sheet. We are still working on making this possible but we want to include a list of all the waypoints per route. 

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.

Thanks for the response


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