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Basic questions

Hello all.  I'm a newbie to MyRoute so apologies if these are basic questions.

1. I am visiting Grenoble.  How can I search all of the public routes to see if there is one that I can use?

2. I have created a route and saved as ITN and GPX. Other than origination and destination there is only one waypoint.  With waypoint the route is 298km with 4hrs duration using the tomtom mapping.  Without waypoint it is 220km and 3hrs. When I import to the Rider 400 the ITN file shows the 298/3hrs information.  The GPX file however shows the correct route on the route preview but then shows the distance time as 220km and 3hrs.  Am I doing something wrong with the import?  Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

EDIT: I made a mistake, it is actually the other way around.  The GPX files seem to be OK but the ITN files give the incorrect distances and times.  One of my tests was a loop starting and ending at the same place.  On the Mac it showed as 189km and 3.5 hours using 7 waypoints.  Importedinto the Rider which showed 22km and 27 minutes!!

Hi Rugby546,

1. This is currently not possible. A functioning search option for routes is definitly something we would like to add to MyRoute-app in the near future.

2. I suspect some settings of your TomTom to be causing the issue. Can you check if 'Fastest route' for example is enabled instead of 'Offroad'?

Thanks Christian. I have worked out what is happening with point 2.  The Rider 400 is defaulting to showing the time/distance from origination to the first waypoint.  If I tap on the top of the navigation bar I can change it to show me the time/distance of the total journey and then it all comes back into alignment. By bad luck was that I had placed the single waypoint in my example at exactly the same distance (220km) as the quickest route between origination and destination.

Glad to hear that you've found the solution on your own ;)!

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