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How do folow TYRE routes I have uploaded to My Route?

I have used TYRE for years and am just getting to grips with MyRoute App. I have managed to upload TYRE routes into the MyRoute website/cloud and can see them when I open the App on my android phone.

My question is, how can I then follow those routes on my phone, for those occaions that it is not cobvenient or practical to hook up my tomtom? 

I saw something about Sygic, which I have downloaded to my phone but and still none the wiser as to how I can follow my uploaded routes, using my phone as my navigation device.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

After you've installed Sygic, you can navigate your route by following these steps:

1. Open the MyRoute mobile app

2. Select 'Start' 

3. Select the route you would like to travel

4. On the top right section of your screen you will see an arrow slightly tilted to the right. Select this icon.

5. Press the text saying 'Sygic max 47 waypoints' 

6. At this point Sygic will import the route

Note that you need an internet connection for loading the route. After loading you can turn of your internet if you like to. Always make sure you have a functioning GPS signal though :)

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