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App on Android not displaying/navigating route in My Favorites (Gold)

In the App on my Android phone: I can see the routes I created in the website on my phone in "Start - Routes". However, when I open a route and save it as a favorite, it does not display in "My Favorites (Gold)". The route is listed in My Favorites, but when I open it it does not display. Instead, my current or last location is displayed.

Also, the website says support is only available to Gold members. I am a Gold member. In my account, under status, it says "MyRoute-app VIRP member". Is a Gold member different from that?

Thank you for your report!

Regarding your last statement: are you using a trial account?

I don't think I'm on a trial account. This is on the website. We did have a beta account initially, but we changed the username/password. We joined right at the very beginning at the initial offering to get the full paid version, but I think initially it was a beta? The account info shows "MyRoute-app VIRP Member:" Is there any other way to check? 

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