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Shaping points?

When I drive outside the planned trip my GPS asks me to go back, Do I have to "pick up" all the waypoints?  

The first post was too

When I drive outside the planned trip with my Zumo 590 I have to go back to "pick up" every points, Why? My GPS is set on automaticly recalculating, but the point I passed will not let me go  :(  How can I solve this? 

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This works the best:

  1. Check 'Settings' > 'Navigation' > to verify that recalculating is off.
  2. Go to 'Apps'.
  3. Choose 'Tracks'.
  4. Select the 'track' of your choice.
  5. Click on the 'wrench' on the top left.
  6. Check 'Show on map'.
  7. Now, check 'Convert to trip'.
  8. Choose 'Beginning to end'.
  9. You can now modify the name if you wish to.
  10. Click on 'OK' below on the right side.
  11. Garmin will calculate the route and save it in the 'Travel planner'.
  12. Go to 'Apps' and then to 'Travel planner'.
  13. Select the converted track and then click on 'Go!'.
  14. Select 'Start' in the following screen.
  15. Garmin will now calculate the route.

Thank you. Will the waypoints in the route still be there or will the unit calculate the route directly to the destination ? 

Your Garmin makes a route from the track with soft waypoints.

I'm not sure i got your last message there Michael.

There is a lot of guys using BaseCamp who would like an easier program like Myrouteapp.... But they always mention "shaping points" 

If i use the route planer today, there is only one way to shape my route, to add new waypoints. On the Navigator V there is a button on the screen who lets you "skip/jump over" waypoints, but not on older units. Are there any easy way to add this option for myrouteapp? to shape the route without adding so many waypoints? 

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Hi Thomas,

We currently feel that it would be unnecessarily complicated to make distinction between 'soft waypoints' and 'hard waypoints'. If you want a route with less waypoints you could use the GPX track to navigate. Please look at this manual about that. Straight lines in Garmin. Maybe this is what you are looking for. 

Thank you for your suggestion and feedback!

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer support.

There is just one problem, Garmin only supports 29 waypoints in one route. If you like too explore small country roads, gravel roads and mountain passes you will reach 29 waypoints in no time. 

Garmin units support 125 shaping points between each waypoint. So "hard points" can be an issue for us with Gamin units. 

The straight line problem is no issue anymore... I just save GPX files as .gpx10 and there is now problem with this. 

I am really hoping that MyRouteApp can take over for BaseCamp in my planing and route plotting

Our advice is to use the gpx track in your Garmin, much better, see:

It sounds from advice on this call that I should be able to do what I want but by default the planning tool exports a track for my Navigator V but doesn't seem to have knowledge of WAYPOINTS as such. What I'd like is to be able to have a track between waypoints but to have fixed waypoints that it will navigate through. I can always skip these if there is a road blockage etc but generally I want to hit all of these AND have my Navigator V tell me that this is a waypoint and list it's name, for the following reasons:

* When touring with others we might have designated meet up points incase we loose each other through a town so having a defined meet up point after the town is useful.

* In July I am touring to Norway and want to define some stopping points to setup my GoPro prior to dramatic sections of road.

* Some views/attractions are near but off a road, I'd like these sign posted by my satnav (incase they aren't by the authorities).

I'm sure this is possible just haven't see where. I currently use the gpx 1.1 garmin export.

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