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Set default map as Gold Member?

Is there anyway to choose your own preferred default map in route menu? 

Every time I want to plan a new route, google maps is set to standard. This is a pain in the eye, If i want to import a gpx file as a new route it always mess it up, and when you choose here maps, it won't recalculate correctly? 

It would be great to choose your own standard map, and if you want it to always avoid seasional closures 

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Hi Thomas,

Giving each member a 'preferred' or 'default' option is on our to-do-list. 

We expect that we can start working on that during the fall of this year.

Thank you for your input.

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens.

Customer Support.

"During the Fall of this year"

Do you mean you hope to start working on it 9 months time?

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