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Web Route Planning - Destinations v Waypoints and Shaping Points

In Tyre you can set "Destinations to Visit" and in Basecamp you set "Via Points" with shaping points in between.  

In MyRouteApp you can't yet do anything equivalent.

At the moment if you save an itn file from MyRoute you can't have any destinations to visit - so you have to open the file in Tyre, modify, and resave.

If you save a gpx file for Garmin from MyRoute you end up with all Via Points so you have to open it in Basecamp and convert the relevant points to shaping points.

In terms of mapping the Web app is now moving towards excellent - but this missing feature needs to be fixed please!



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Can this not be added as a another feature when you click on the waypoint - rename, zoom in, find hotel, add to favourites, starting point, delete, + destination to visit? It's most useful for petrol stops, rest stops, scenic points etc. Seems a major omission at the moment and the first thing I noticed coming from Tyre. 

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As an adventure rider I'm planing my trips around many small roads and mountain pass. adding all those waypoints is not ideal for us Garmin users. A Gamin unit only supports 29 waypoints in one route. Between each waypoint you can add 125 shaping points. 

So adding longer routes in Myrouteapp is not great. Because you have to save it trough BaseCamp. 

If they add the possibility to shape the route without adding new waypoints all the time. This will in fact be the best route program there is. All Garmin users will jump ship, I'm sure of that. 

So i really hoping for an update that makes us with a garmin device take full advantage of this brilliant program 

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Hi, Thomas. I am also a Garmin user. We are not talking about adding more points just being able to change one or two of the existing shaping points into waypoints to visit. You can do this in Tyre and Basecamp but not in Myroute-app. 

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Hi Thomas. A good point made and another reason why it is so important to able to classify a MyRouteApp waypoint to match the requirements of the Garmin or TomTom.

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Well, having experimented using my garmin it seems that there is a sort of way round this.

All I have done is use "save as" gpx and then transferred the file directly to my NAV 5. Import the file with trip planner.

If you use "save as" GPX1.0 then all the waypoints are destinations but if you use GPX 1.1 then apart from the start and end point all the others are shaping points.

So go into "edit destinations" on the Garmin, change the few points that you want as destinations to visit and you're good to go. No requirement to go into Basecamp at all.

The usual caveats (nothing to do with MyRouteApp) about Garmins ignoring shaping points and "off route recalculation" apply - except that I don't fully understand yet when it will work as it should and when it will decide to do its own thing.... !

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It would be good to have an in-app solution to this ideally that would work roughly the same for Tom Tom users - I've a couple of big trips this year and usually tour with Tom Tom users too, whilst we often go in convoy we can split up so it is good to have fixed points (that we see on our nav devices) so that if we split up we know we can meet at the next fixed point we are all set to travel through. For me with a navigator V it has also proven useful so I can skip a point if required directly from the navigation screen if the day is getting long and I want to skip to save time/distance.

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