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Screen Display Sizes - 3840x2160px

 I have a 4K (3840x2160 pixel) display on my Dell laptop.

Whereas MyRoute - Web App displays correctly on other screens, when I try to display the site at this resolution, the screens do not renender correctly.

The top banner (My Route - Route lab .... through to ... UPgrade is shown full width but also occupies almost half the screen vertically.

The maps never load load, I assume because the CSS is rendering them off the screen somewhere.

Not being a gold member  - why would I join if it doesn't work on my laptop - Does anyone have a work around for the problem.

I've tried reducing the screen display size and plugging in an extern HDMI monitor. Whereas both of these give a lower resolution screen, the GetScreenResolution code seems to be reading the full size from somewhere.

Thanks for your help.


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