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MyRoute-App & Garmin devices

Am I the only Garmin user who is somewhat underwhelmed with the MyRoute-App export to my SatNav? Don't get me wrong I love using MyRoute-App for planning my routes I have tried every which way to get the routes onto my satnav in a usable form. The issue I have is that the route generated expects strict adherence to the one planned - in reality (road closures, interesting diversions etc) this rarely is how I use the routing.

In addition I really want to be able see the actual waypoints I have placed on teh map as these are often placed for specific points of interest, decision points or meeting points should a member of my group becomes separated. Using the standard GPX export I cannot see the flags for these.

I have tried various export of itinerary files, loading these in other software and sendign to my Garmin but it all ends up a bit involved.

Well I believe I have the solution and would appreciate it if anyone else is experiencing these issues would give it a go and let me know what you think:

* Build your route in MyRoute-App as usual placing waypoints at specific features you want to visit along the way.

* Save the route to a PC (or Mac) as a GPX file.

* Open the GPX file on your computer using a text editor (it's just XML).

* Delete all the track information this is everything between the <trk> and </trk> markers (including these markers)

* Save the edited file.

* Connect your Garmin to your PC and copy the edited GPX file to the internal storage\GPX folder on your device.

* Switch on the satnav - it should prompt you saying there is a new route - import it.

* On the main screen of the satnav use apps trip planner and select the route.

This gives you a route which the satnav uses your preferences to calculate the roads between each waypoint (fastest, shortest or winding) - I use fastest but ensure I have enough waypoints to force the route where I want to go).


I have asked about an toolkit or export checkbox to "omit track in export" this would save the save as, edit, connect & copy to device but the MyRoute-app people think this would be confusing to users - thoughts?

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I'm no expert on this but I have had a few problems with my Garmin lately of which have now been sorted by the support team and very grateful.

When I first used the MRA I exported all my routes in 1.1 Gpx (new Garmin) and was a bit disappointed that I couldn't see the waypoints I had entered, the satnav would navigate the quickest route.  After recently returning from a trip to France & Spain and not being able to follow the routes I had created I played around with MRA and my Garmin.  Even though it is a fairly new Garmin, I found that when exported in 1.0 Gpx (old Garmin) all the waypoints were listed as they should be.

I hope you fix the problem as now it is all working fine I wouldn't use any other route planner.


From my experience if you save as GPX 1.0 then all the waypoints are taken by Garmin as "Alert on Arrival" and it will always route through those points. If you save as GPX 1.1 then all the points are Garmin "shaping points". I don't have a problem with 1.1 on my Nav 5 (I change the relevant shaping points to alert for coffee stops etc) but if you don't have a GPS signal when it calculates the route it will ignore all the points and do its own thing. If you are riding and go off route then (depending on your GPS settings) if it recalculates then it will do its own thing to the next "Alert on arrival point".

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