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Which navigation system for off-road?

Using the 'Open SteetMap' or 'Google Maps default' options on MyRoute App I can create great routes for off-roading which incorporate byways, farm tracks, fire tracks etc (these are mainly not shown on some of the other map options such as TomTom). 

So that works great but I can't then work out how to use the route for navigation. My TomTom won't work as it uses proprietary maps which don't include the farm tracks etc so it doesn't recognise some of the waypoints. I've downloaded Sygic onto my android phone (and am a full member) and it has a similar problem. Fine for routes that are only on 'proper' roads, but not when the route incorporates these smaller tracks etc. 

Can anyone help me with this and suggest a way I can actually use these great routes I've created?

Would appreciate any ideas.

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