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The new MyRoute-App Navigation App

I wanted a Phone Navigation  App that would allow me to download routes directly from MyRoute-App.  The new MyRoute-App Navigation App does this function well. I am however surprised that a fully developed Sat Nav platform was not used as the start point to save time reengineering the basic requirements for a good sat nav  . For example CoPilot who have been at the forefront from the implementation of sat nav systems and have a very good phone app. But no you cannot plan offline and download routes. I can only assume using an existing platform was not a good option to enable the full potential development of the new app. I was in at the start by using Tyre then MyRoute App all of which have gone from strength to strength and are good rout planning tools. I am currently using the MyRoute-App Navigation App and hope to see it develop into a world leading product.

Best regards

Ken Dobson 

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