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One to investigate once the main functions are good.....

The option to share your location with a group (Event attendees would be good).

I get the inspiration for this from the 'ViewRanger' walkers navigation app.

Options to send position once or at regular intervals and to monitor the position of others in the group.

I have found riding in a "GPS convoy" where all in a group are following the same shared route but don't need to stay in sight contact to be very effective.

Possibly generating an alert when one of the group goes off route or stops for longer than X minutes.

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Agree with the shared group display showing location of group members, this would be useful

Good Afternoon Gwallter and Dave, 

I have added the suggestion to the list of the developers. 

I am not sure how they will implement this and if they will implement it exactly as you mentioned in the forum post, but I have included a link to the forum post so they are able to contact you if need be. 

I will now close the forumpost to ensure that there will be no reactions by other users with problems or suggestions not related to the original post.


Kind Regards,


Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app