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Dutch still showing

The English version still has Dutch inmany places making it difficult to do a real world beta test. In bavigation mode the directions are still in Dutch as are many titles and menus.

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Same here, I stop testing once I can no longer read.
Vermijd Snelwegen? English please. Thanks
Agreed. Confusing and distracting

Good Afternoon all, 

The issues should be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused. I agree that it is very distracting if you can't understand the app.

If you are still experiencing Dutch text please let me know where exactly in a different forumpost. And I will bring this information to the developers ASAP. 

I will now close the forumpost to ensure that there will be no reactions by other users with problems or suggestions not related to the original post.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app