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Tips & Tricks, splitting routes in practice!

Splitting routes in practice!


A feature that isn’t used very often, but is extremely convenient is splitting routes in MyRoute-app Web. I’ll explain this feature using a practical example. My family allows me to leave for 10 days by myself with the motorbike in 2018. This time, I chose to visit Dubrovnik in Croatia, this city is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic coast – hence the name 'Pearl of the Adriatic Sea'. I might be a few years late with my visit, because its glamour is slightly fading due to mass tourism.


On the first day, we’ll drive to Graz, Austria, on the second day through Mostar to Cavtat, and from Cavtat you can get to Dubrovnik with the boat in about 20 minutes. We’ll do it like this because prices for staying in Dubrovnik have gone up a lot in recent years. We’ll stay in Cavtat for 2 nights, so that we’ll have a full day to visit Dubrovnik. And finally we’ll drive back home from Cavtat, driving along the most beautiful roads during 7 days. After some research on Google, we chose to drive the ‘Jadranska magistrala’, a sublime coastal road.


According to the route description of the ‘Road wiki’ and after some minor modifications, I ended up with a route length of 630 kilometers, which should take around 11 hours according to TomTom. Since there is so much to see along this sublime road, we decided to do it in three days. So here it comes, splitting the route into three days!



The ‘Jadranska magistrala’


We want to stay overnight in nice villages or towns along the road. So I start searching the best villages and cities on Google. Using, I came upon Baška Voda, now I place a route point there (drag and drop route line, now a route point will be placed where you drop the route line). I’ll call that route point ‘1. Baška Voda’ and I’m already enjoying the place and the environment now, just thinking about it! A second recommendation from the website is Vodice, I’ll call this route point ‘2. Vodice’. Now I already have 2 places where we can find a sleeping place and I can split the route.


Using the ‘Toolkit’, I click on ‘Split’.


Toolkit > Split


A list of all route points appears now.



List of route points


I scroll down until I can see route point ‘1. Baška Voda’, now I’ll click on the route point and the line indicates that the route has been split.



Split 1


Further down, I do the same with ‘2. Vodice’.



Split 2


Now you can scroll down all the way to the bottom and you’ll see the text ‘Number of new routes: 3’.



The bottom of the list


Everything is correct and you can click on ‘Next’. Now you’ll see a proposal for the names of the three new routes, you can leave it that way or edit the names.



Three new routes


Now for the last step – clicking onto the blue button ‘Split’. The route has been split into three parts, you can click on ‘OK’ and go to ‘My routes’ to view the three routes.





It’s great to know that after a day of driving the motorbike, you’ll end up in a beautiful village or town. You can either book an overnight stay by clicking onto the last route point and then onto the ‘bed icon’ or do like we do and just start looking for a nice place to stay overnight when you get there. We’ll be going there long before the busy season, so it shouldn’t be a problem – and I’m already looking forward to it!



Looking for hotels and booking hotels


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