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International blogging through MyRoute-app!

Internationaal bloggen via MyRoute-app!


For us as developers it’s always great to be able to present new features. And this one is another great one, since you can now write a blog story on MyRoute-app in several different languages in share it with the world! Interesting for blogging fans, since we have an internal reach of 85.000 potential readers – and that number is growing by the day. Additionally, you can also share your blog outside of MyRoute-app on one of the popular social media networks with a single click. The readers DO NOT need to create a MyRoute-app account, but of course they are allowed to J. This feature is offered completely FOR FREE by MyRoute-app!  

International blogging is a further development of our ‘Travel stories’. You just need to go to your ‘Profile’ and click on ‘Blog’. 



To the right side, you will see the blue button ‘+Add post’. 




A pop-up will appear that allows you to upload an image at the top, give a title to your post and add a short description. Below, you can select your ‘Travel story’ or ‘Blog post’. If you select ‘Travel story’, you can add a beginning and end date by clicking onto the button ‘Add post’.




The best part about travel stories in MyRoute-app is being able to upload track logs and routes to your ‘Travel story’. The pictures you’ve taken using MyRoute-app Mobile will automatically (!) be shown in your travel story and the track logs will also automatically (!) be shown in an overview map. The only thing you’ll need to do is enter a text and possibly add additional pictures and videos.


From now on, you can also select ‘blog post’ and click on ‘+Add post’. The blog page will be opened and by using the button ‘Modify blog post’, you can write your blog, upload pictures, include videos and save. 






Now comes the best part for the polyglots among us, after saving your blog, you can select the language of your choice at the top right. Now the page will be copied to the language of your choice, after which you can translate your own text. Users who prefer English will then see the English version of the page if you have created one.





What could you write a blog about?

That’s entirely up to you, preferably about traveling, creating and driving routes, navigational systems, smartphones, apps, motorbikes, bikes, cars, caravans, recreational vehicles, accessories for driving, for bikes and hiking and any other topic that’s relevant to this.


Interesting for (international) bloggers, travel agencies, associations, clubs, manufacturers and retail traders, but also for anyone who wishes to share his experiences with the world.


Does it sound like something you’d enjoy?

Try it out, it’s a lot of fun!

PS: you can react to this article and also suggest topics for new articles! 


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